During the early 80’s, Dr. Peter Kesling of LaPorte, Indiana, introduced a modified version of the Edgewise bracket by removing two pie shaped sections from the mesial and distal of the bracket. This was the first major modification of the Edgewise channel bracket to improve tooth movement since its debut in 1925. The Kesling Slot provides Edgewise practitioners, for the first time, the opportunity to utilize light forces in the range of 2 to 4 ounces to move teeth. This results in decreased chair time, reduced patient discomfort, shorter overall treatment times and increased productivity. No longer is it necessary to search for huge sources of intra and extra oral anchorage. . . the appliance, capable of differential force mechanics, furnishes adequate anchorage to accomplish the desired movements. We now have a pre-adjusted Edgewise bracket, with torque and tip prescriptions, that allows controlled tipping for rapid and efficient space closure, retraction, bite opening and precise finishing at the end of treatment on a flat wire with light forces. The appliance is “Tip-Edge,” but can credibly be referred to as “The Kesling Slot”.
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