These courses are intended for general dentists and pedodontists with no experience in orthodontics who want to learn and incorporate Tip-Edge® into their practices. It is also intended for those who have relied on functionals, removables, and/or full-banded techniques, other than Tip-Edge®, and would like to learn the Differential Straight Arch Technique™ (Tip-Edge System®). The courses are comprehensive in content covering every aspect of orthodontic treatment in the general dental environment. From initial examination, financial arrangements, orthodontic records, diagnosis, treatment planning, bracketing, molar banding, placing appliances and subsequent treatment appointments to finishing and retention…all is covered, even insurance and much more. Early treatment, rapid palatal expansion and adult treatment has a section all its own and is an integral part of Tip-Edge® appliance therapy. Most students start cases after the second session. Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate for successfully completing the course…suitable to hang on the office wall next to the other continuing ED and diplomas.

Even though the courses are comprehensive and cover everything necessary to become as confident and capable with orthodontics as you are with other dental disciplines, a continuing program of ortho education is necessary to maintain consistency of excellence. Dr. Green recommends that you monitor the next year, at no charge, when you have more patients in treatment and that you take advantage of the Annual Refresher for a few years. This, he feels, is necessary because you do not do orthodontics every day on every patient but allocate your time to some orthodontics and more general dentistry.