• An Edgewise bracket that actually encourages tooth movement
  • Deep bites opening in a matter of a few appointments
  • Patients that seldom complain of discomfort
  • Anterior posterior discrepancies resolving with only 2 ounces of force and virtually no anchorage strain
  • Chronic TMJ symptons (pain) disappearing soon after instigating treatment, never to return
  • Treating non-growing patients as easily as growing patients
  • The ability to move teeth like you always wished – actually even better
  • Torquing anterior teeth to your desired angles of finish with one wire inserted once
  • New families coming to your practice because of your orthodontic results


  • Extraoral forces and functional appliances
  • Dependence on orthognathic surgery for skeletal corrections
  • Phase I and Phase II syndrome – treat patients when you choose


  • From a seasoned orthodontist dedicated to teaching general dentists since 1978
  • A total technique where you are in control of the appliance and your results
  • A technique that is easy to learn and use because it makes sense
  • A technique that is not limited by yesterday’s theories and mechanics
  • From 30 years of experience and treatment results
  • From “The Master”